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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Terrorist Toddler Removed from Flight

In a victory for frequent flyers and child haters like me everywhere, AirTran kicked a screaming three year-old girl and her parents off of a flight because the child refused to get into her seat and was delaying take-off. Flight attendants repeatedly asked the parents to subdue the child and put her in her seat, but the parents refused and tried to coax her instead, delaying the entire flight.
The couple told the attendants they were trying [emphasis mine]. Julie Kulesza said she asked the attendants if Elly could sit on her lap, but they said no.
Parents like the Kuleszas think that nothing is more important than catering to the whims and tantrums of their child. Not the business meetings or personal commitments that the other passengers have in the destination city. Not the cost of burning extra fuel sitting on the runway or the fact that a late departure has a ripple effect on many other flights and people. Nor the fact of how annoying and disruptive an out of control child is in an enclosed space.

The Kuleszas say that they will never fly AirTran again. Good riddance. In fact, nightmare family, please don't fly on any airplanes again. I think I will have to fly AirTran soon.