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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

To 'Err' is Human, to Really Fuck Up is Bostonian

My sister, who works in Boston, emailed me this morning to let me know she was OK. Good, I said. Why wouldn't you be? Here's why.
A guerilla marketing campaign for a popular adult cartoon thrust Boston into pandemonium today as at least 10 bombs scares turned out to be battery-operated ads strategically place around the city, the Herald has learned.

Federal, state and local police swarmed around the city as reports poured in of suspicious devices, closing roads, tunnels and bridges for hours.

The chaos touched off a traffic nightmare and prompted a tense press conference from Gov. Deval Patrick and Mayor Thomas M. Menino, who assured residents the matter was under control. Fears of a possible terrorist act were quelled when it was determined the devices were part of an underground advertising campaign for the Cartoon Network TV show “Aqua Teen Hunger Force.”

The device features a character called a mooninite.
Named Ignignokt. Who is a pretentious douche, not a terrorist. (His henchman Err, though, may be a terrorist.)

More here. Cartoon Network's ATHF site here.

I wonder what Senator-Elect Curt Schilling (R-Fenway) thinks about this?

If I wasn't sitting in class right now, I'd be laughing. Out loud. Uncontrollably.

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