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Monday, February 26, 2007

99% of Mexico's Married Men to go to Jail Under New Law

Think radical feminism, gross social engineering, and a growing fascist-nanny (fanny) state are just American problems? Put down your coffee, tell your mistress or pool boy to finish up down there, and devote your full attention to this.
Mexican men who display extreme jealousy or avoid sex with their wives could be tried in court and punished under a new law, the special prosecutor for crimes against women told a local newspaper on Friday.

Men who phone their wives every half hour to check up on them, constantly suspect them of infidelity or try to control the way they dress are committing the crime of jealousy, special prosecutor Alicia Elena Perez Duarte told Excelsior newspaper.

Those who stop talking to their wives, avoid sex or try to convince suspicious spouses they are "crazy" even if they are caught red-handed having an affair, are guilty of indifference, she said.

Men found guilty of jealousy or indifference could face up to five years in prison, the newspaper said. Mexico's individual states will determine the punishments, it said.

The progressive new law was passed this month to protect women from domestic violence.


Perez Duarte said indifference, jealousy or lack of love were crimes against women just as much as physical violence.

"Jealousy produces a particular type of stress in the person that comes up against it," she said. "It is exactly the same. They are wounds, psychological scars identical to physical scars."

Wow. Outrageous. And totally one-sided. Why not incarcerate wives who say they just don't feel like giving head anymore? Or make it a crime to psychologically scar your man by making more than him?

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