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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

And They Heard My Head Smash The Keyboard

I'm curious. What is the point of a college newspaper? Is it the first stop for aspiring journalist? Or is it more of a covering for your shitty, college apartment bathroom floor, providing the benefit of bathroom reading of last resort and absorbent of vomit and urine. Cause that's how I remember my college paper. Don't get me wrong, I love the silly sex columns as much as the next sophomore gal. boyfriend won't go down on me, what's the deal with that? I can't have an orgasm, is something the matter with me? Your vagina looks like a bear trap; and yes, you ARE a defective human being, overlooked on God's assembly line of sex parts.

I only ask this question because college papers do tend to publish (and I use that word as loosely as possible) a decent amount of drug related articles, and in my never-ending attempt to continue to break down the exact same drug article time and time again for your benefit, I find myself reading way too many college papers online. Sometimes you get good ones but -- more often than not -- they are nothing more than disturbing arrangements of words that end up toting the standard government line. In my mind I see a college paper as a chance to get out there without the repercussions you might face in real world journalism, carrying with it the same joys and advantages of blogging. But I guess most of these papers are nothing more than a requirement or a chore for their writers, and that's a shame.

See here for the most recent example that got me thinking, and here from one of my all time favorites. The second link is to an old post of mine and the article link within is dead. However, the whore who wrote it post-edited the article, so I'm keeping the link to my post. If you want to see her new article, missing some of her lies and mischaracterations go here.

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