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Friday, February 02, 2007

Box Wine Discovery Blog

As a wine lover I used to scoff at box wine, which seemed to be the province of trailer trash and desperate alcoholics. Then I made my first trip to Wegman's and things started clicking. I saw an alluring black box, smaller than a shoe box, that holds the equivalent of four bottles of wine, is priced at $18 and whose packaging lists tasting accolades. I will try this, I thought.

When I got my little black box chardonnay home I was insanely delighted. It has a nifty keg-like dispenser and takes up about the same space as a half-gallon of milk. And it is very good! It is the metrosexual equivalent of a beer ball, except that it fits in your fridge. As an added plus, the box does not let you know how much you have drunk, which alleviates school night drinking anxiety. Perhaps the DC Council will ban it for that reason, once they are done with banning the most avid live music fans from attending live music shows.