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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Cannabis: So Harmful That it Might Make You Become a Politician

British Conservative Party leader, David Cameron doesn't let a pesky problems such as his past or the facts stand in the way of his political aspirations. Drugs! Easy political points! From the Telegraph

David Cameron is urging the Government to take a harder line on possession and supply of cannabis use despite reports of his own youthful indiscretions with the drug, the Conservative Party said yesterday.

Mr Cameron believes cannabis should be reclassified as a Class B drug – reversing Labour's decision to downgrade it to Class C three years ago.

He believes the downgrading of cannabis sent out the message that it was a soft, safe drug and encouraged consumption. Police are now more likely just to confiscate the drug and give users a warning.
It gets better

Mr Cameron, 40, admitted there were things in his past which he regretted, but insisted politicians were entitled to a "private past".

The Conservative Party's information telephone line took about 20 calls yesterday on the issue. Officials said only one of the callers expressed criticism of the Tory leader.

The other 19, many of them from younger people, were supportive, saying the reports of drug use in his youth had no bearing on his abilities as a politician, and if anything "made him appear more human".
However, Mr Cameron believes that cannabis is a "harmful and dangerous drug", and the stronger strains of cannabis now available on the street mean that it should be re-classified
Huh? He is entitled to a "private past" as a privileged politician, while the rest of the public must operate in a society so devoid in privacy rights that they can not even choose what to put in their bodies. That makes sense in a way that makes no sense at all. Party officials also cite the calls of support for Cameron's past drug use, while simultaneously denouncing marijuana as "harmful and dangerous" and calling for tougher measures against the drug. Dizzying.

He might also want to consider what it means for his hopes of the Premiership when voters are using phrases like "appear more human" when talking about him. I would think proving your belonging with mankind should be an early campaign exercise. I'm also not a close follower of British politics, so what do I know.

Via The Corner. Full article here as well as more here.

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