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Monday, February 05, 2007

Danger Exposed: Search Engines

From Jersey 101.5 FM
Lawmaker Demands that Youtube Yank Huffing Videos
"It's very hard to watch. While parents are not watching, the kids are," said Fisher. "The problem is [YouTube] isn't removing the videos fast enough. It's exposing it to millions more people around the globe who, just by typing in a word, can see all this dangerous behavior."

Fisher said YouTube has agreed to pull the videos. However, it may be hard to catch them all considering thousands of new videos are posted on YouTube every day. YouTube is a democracy of sorts on the internet. Usually it takes users objecting to a video for the website administrators to respond by yanking the offensive material.

I'm guessing the State Assemblyman has never googled "horse fucked guy to death". Now that's dangerous behavior.

Update:There is the snuff video from that Seattle farm incident (which was my point about dangerous content on the internet); but I'm not in a place where I can access and post a link to it.

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