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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

DC May Make Your Car Non-Smoking, But That's Only the Half of It

Via a source* (slightly edited, with emphasis mine):
Councilmembers Marion Barry and Mary Cheh introduced a bill today to prohibit smoking in private vehicles when children are present, even when the windows are down. Punishment will be in the form of a fine, which would not be collected if the adult enters a smoking-cessation program.

"I sincerely believe the health benefits will far outweigh ... privacy rights," said Barry.
Yep, a felon facing DUI charges is proposing legislation that says a person smoking in his own car could get sent to Smokaholics Anonymous.

*My source wanted me to mention that even though she favored the original DC smoking ban, she's downright horrified by this one.

Update: According to Fox News here in DC, the proposed fine is $100.

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