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Monday, February 05, 2007

German Bureaucrats So Stupid

I nominate this for the lamest regulation of the year award.

More than 100 German housing association tenants are obediently following tough new rules by agreeing not to use all the space in their apartments to avoid being forced to move out.

The local housing authority in the eastern town of Loebau said on Friday the new regulations stipulate the tenants -- who all live on welfare -- now only qualify for smaller homes.

Because there is a shortage of smaller dwellings, the tenants are being allowed to stay, so long as the space they use does not exceed the new limit.

"The recipients are only allowed apartments of a certain size, but there aren't enough smaller apartments available," said Matthias Urbansky, head of the local housing authority. "The people involved seem to be quite happy with the new set up," he said, noting that inspectors nevertheless make regular patrols to ensure the rooms standing empty are not being used.