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Monday, February 12, 2007

Here Comes Baltimore

City-wide smoking ban back on the agenda. From the same Sun article, a taste of the reasoned and honest debate soon to follow. [Emphasis mine]
Council Vice President Robert W. Curran, the lead sponsor of the city legislation, has vowed to put the smoking ban up for a second-reader vote - a largely procedural effort that, if successful, will place the ban on the calendar for a final vote later this month.

"By waiting, we will be condemning between 150 and 250 Baltimoreans to their coffins due to the long-term effects of second-hand tobacco smoke," Curran said, referring to an estimate by advocates of the ban of annual deaths in the city caused by second-hand smoke. "It's crystal clear that Annapolis legislators want to have Baltimore come aboard."

UPDATE: One step closer. City council passes second reader of the bill. Final vote in two weeks. And does anyone share this guy's optimism?
Melvin R. Thompson, vice president of the Restaurant Association of Maryland, said yesterday's vote in the City Council was not necessarily an indication of support for either proposed ban.

"This is really not the final passage vote, and it's just a procedural thing to move the bill forward," said Thompson, who organized the rally outside City Hall before the council meeting. "We're confident that we can stop it."

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