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Monday, February 12, 2007

I Missed This?

I knew Mike Huckabee was a zealous do-gooder, but this is just too much. Go back to the pies governor and leave the kids alone.
He has not skimped on health initiatives. His programs have included early intervention for diabetes prevention aimed at reducing the huge impact of diabetes on state Medicaid costs, substitution of exercise breaks in lieu of smoking breaks for state workers, state-funded smoking cessation programs, and most controversially, weighing and issuing health report cards for school children. As to the required weigh-ins, Huckabee explains: “I felt it was vital to pass a law to make it mandatory that every student have their Body Mass Index measured.” He believes that, because of this program, “Arkansas is the only state in the nation which showed a drop in the childhood obesity rate.”
And some think he could be the "authentic" conservative candidate in '08. Humm. Full NRO article here.

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