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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Intelligent Design Caught on Tape; Taping Banned

Anyone who says you don't learn your most important lessons in school obviously never attended Kearny High School in New Jersey.
Secret recording of teachers has been banned in Kearny after a controversy that began when a student taped his history teacher preaching to the class.

In addition, all district teachers will get mandatory training on separation of church and state. District officials don't want teachers to present their personal views, according to published reports.

The issue arose after Kearny High School junior Matthew LaClair secretly made recordings of the teacher, David Paszkiewicz, telling students they belonged in hell if they rejected Jesus.

Paszkiewicz also told students that Noah's ark carried dinosaurs and that the theories of evolution and the Big Bang were not scientific.

LaClair, 16, said he started taping in September because he was afraid officials would not believe him when he complained.
Paszkiewicz, for his part, is still with the school. More here. Do the dinosaur here.