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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It Ain't Nothing 'Bout Hounddog, It's 'Won't You Be My Ted Baehr?'

State Sen. Phil Berger, North Carolina's "common sense conservative voice" doesn't want his state to give a tax break to a film depicting Dakota Fanning's rape, as this Charlotte Observer op-ed details. I'm fine with that. But he's apparently in favor of using state funds to get films made in the state when he approves of their content.

Why should any state funds go to any filmmakers? If Berger thinks he's a filmmaker, maybe he should find a new line of work.

Regardless of that inconsistency, the real story in the op-ed is the sickening loon Dr. Ted Baehr, and Fanning's reply to all the hullabaloo.
Some critics say putting a 12-year-old in such a role amounts to child abuse. Dr. Ted Baehr, chairman of the Christian Film & Television Commission, wrote, "The sexualization of young children like Dakota is part of the sick ideology of Freudian Marxists, radical feminists, homosexual activists, and perverts who believe ... that all children are born with an innate lust for sexual fulfillment."


The precocious Ms. Fanning reacted to the furor with professional matter-of-factness: "It's a movie," she said, "and it's called acting."
Baehr, who's a toupee away from Michael Medved, runs, "a ministry dedicated to redeeming the values of the mass media according to biblical principles, by influencing entertainment industry executives..."

Nothing but a link to Hounddog here. We'd previously touched on Ms. Fanning's rape scene here.

The only redeeming (pun intended) thing I found at Baehr's website -- and I can't stress just how redeeming this is -- was a link from ye olde online shoppe to the Christian website of Ted DiBiasi, best known to wrestling fans as The Million Dollar Man. Via (what else?) YouTube, DiBiase against S.D. Jones here, and earlier footage against all-time great The Junkyard Dog here.

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