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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Living in the Midwest Kills You, So Let's Ban It

A recent vast public health study that tracked more than 65,000 women showed that their risk of developing heart disease and cancer was strongly linked to the level of particulates, i.e. soot, in their environment. But what was most interesting about this study is that it found that living in a sooty city or town was more of a risk factor than living with a smoker. In fact, living in a sooty city causes more health risk than actually being a smoker. Most of these death cities are in the Midwest, though DC scores terribly and is right up there with Pittsburgh.

So, I ask, where is SmokeFreeDC defending the right to breathe pure air? If they really cared about public health and clean air, wouldn't they be putting their lobbying energy and $$ into fighting a pox in DC that is way worse than bar smoke, which they fought so hard to ban?

I agree with Reason's Jacob Sullum, who had a great post today on the potential Texas smoking ban.
The problem is that "the science" never has been the real motivation for smoking bans. It is merely an excuse offered by people who support this policy for other reasons: activists who want to eliminate smoking and nonsmokers who want the "right" to avoid smoke wherever they choose to go, even on other people's property.
SmokeFreeDC ought to be honest and rename itself ""

Meanwhile, I feel vindicated in my slinging the insult of "Health Nazis" around vis a vis the smoking debate as Hitler himself was an anti-smoking fanatic.