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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Magic Kingdom: Still Only in Orlando

Saudi police have arrested a Nigerian man practicing black magic in the Kingdom.
According to police, the sorcerer, thought to be one of the most dangerous in the Kingdom, claimed he could locate hidden treasures from the ground, provide unhappy people with happiness and increase sums of money through the mere touch of his hand.

Officers received reports that a Nigerian man called Sheikh Zubair was practicing black magic. Reports stated that the man was charging people SR10,000 for a single spell and that he would travel the Kingdom practicing his dark art.


Arab News spoke to Sheikh Zubair who admitted he was dabbling in magic. “I’ve earned a lot of money in Saudi Arabia. There are enough idiots here to trick and make money from,” he said, adding that he has earned over SR400,000 from practicing black magic in the Kingdom.
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