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Monday, February 26, 2007

Philip Morris OK With Maintaining Industry Dominance

From a Reuters article [emphasis mine]
Marlboro cigarettes maker Philip Morris USA is siding with public health advocates in favor of a bill that, for the first time, would let the Food and Drug Administration regulate tobacco products, but not ban them.

The effort gained momentum with Democrats taking control of the Congress this year.

Senate Health Committee Chairman Edward Kennedy (news, bio, voting record) has scheduled a hearing on the bill with testimony by public health witnesses for Tuesday.

Analysts say Altria Group Inc.'s (NYSE:MO - news) Philip Morris is protecting its dominant market share, cutting legal risks and making regulation more predictable, possibly paving the way for new tobacco products with less health risk.


The bill now pending would empower the FDA to regulate tobacco, to restrict tobacco advertising, to prevent sale of cigarettes to minors, to require stronger warning labels, to bar misrepresentation of tobacco's dangers, and to order removal of harmful ingredients from cigarettes.
Harmful ingredients from cigarettes? Isn't that pretty much the entire filling, and paper...and filter? Unlike Philip Morris I don't mind competition, and just because I manage to get laid night in and night out smoking my imaginary cigarettes doesn't mean the average guy won't look like an idiot doing the same. Please guys, don't measure yourselves against me, I'm just that special.