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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"Scientists": Don't Tell People the Secret to Staying Thin is Eating Right and Exercising

Sigh. I don't even know where to begin with the latest study on anorexia. Do I talk about the fact that scientists are claiming that the "disease" may be partially genetic - no, it's not; just eat a fuckin' hamburger you twiggy bitches - or that they're claiming that the genetic disposition is set off by a society that tells people that the secret to staying thin is eating right and exercise - which is, uh, the truth; notwithstanding alternatives like surgery, methamphetamine, and tapeworms (in the stores soon, my patent is pending).

A researcher at a Tulsa clinic says a decade-long study into anorexia nervosa is beginning to reveal that those who suffer from the disease might have a genetic predisposition toward it.
Researcher Craig Johnson said that if a person has a family member who has had anorexia nervosa, she or he is 12 times more at risk of developing the illness.

"Genetics loads the gun. Environment pulls the trigger," said Johnson, the director of the eating disorders unit at Laureate Psychiatric Hospital in Tulsa and one of the study's principal researchers.

Johnson said researchers have devoted much attention during the past 40
years into looking into how a culture that promotes dieting provokes eating

"We now know that the illnesses occur when there is a perfect storm of events that include genetic vulnerability and a culture that is promoting thinness through dieting and exercise," he said... Johnson called dieting and exercise "the royal road to eating disorders."

More on women who just won't eat here. Next up, women who just won't listen.

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