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Monday, February 12, 2007

Scooter Libby Trial/DC Resident Blog

The DC clusterfuck that is going by the name of the I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby trial has me pondering many things.

Can't the press, at this point, just call him Scooter Libby, or Lewis Libby, or whatever and drop the "I," which stands for Irv, btw?

The Wa Post reporter, Carol Leonnig, who is covering this story is totally cute and warm and fuzzy. I look forward to her appearances on the News Hour. Confession: I have had Carol over at my house and she really is the bee's knees.

The jury selection for this trial was a hoot, as almost everyone in the pool had ties to the case. See: DC clusterfuck.

I myself was supposed to be at DC jury duty today but found that I could delay it via the telephone. We DC residents perform more jury duty than anyone else, as we have a small population and lots of courts. Every two years, on the nose, I get a notice to serve. A smart friend recommended that I do as she does and create a file called "jury duty" to be sure that they aren't calling you up too soon. Smart.

How are juries chosen? I have lived in DC for eight years and have gotten called four times. In my last service I was in the final 14 of the 12 that would be chosen to judge a drug case. The defense attorney asked me what neighborhood I lived in, and when I said "Chevy Chase" I was tossed out. I guess that profiling of juries is ok while profiling otherwise is detestable.

The press looks really bad in this trial. Even my stalwart hero Tim Russert had his show referred to as the Bush administration's "best format."

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