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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Signs of Hope for Liberty in (of all Places!) Chicago

I'm in Chicago, having come here on Friday for the annual Federalist Society student symposium (panels were great, attendees not so much), stuck around for a LEEWS law-school-exam prep course, and gotten snowbound and marooned since then.

Last night I had the unbelievable fortune (the result of a cancelled flight) to spend some time with a truly visionary chef, Didier Durand of Cyrano's Bistrot, and a group of dedicated foie gras aficionados, at a benefit for Chicago Chefs for Choice, a group co-founded by Chef Didier, an early opponent of the ban.

The benefit, which took place on the heels of a Windy City establishment being fined for serving foie gras, a first, was aptly titled Freedom of Choice. It consisted of close to a dozen courses, nearly all of which (including dessert) featured some form of the delectable duck liver.

The event was also a fundraiser for Chicago alderman candidate Don Gordon, who spoke eloquently of his opposition to the ban and of restoring the right of restaurant owners to sell foie gras to their customers. Gordon, for his part, is running against Joe Moore, who sponsored the foie gras ban and who, I'm told, snuck the ban through by burying it in an uncontroversial a wildlife bill. Gordon, a businessman who picked up a coveted endorsement from the Chicago Tribune, has a real chance to unseat nanny stater Moore in tomorrow's election. If you live in the 49th Ward, I encourage you to vote early (and often) for Don Gordon.

I collected some great audio from Chef Didier and the attendees and plan to post it someplace as soon as I can get back to my #&$@ing home. Stay tuned.

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