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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Slow Day

John Tierney has a post up at his NY Times blog about the significant crime decreases of the '90's and the slight uptick in crime that we have seen in the last few years. He put the question to a panel at the annual meeting for the American Association for the Advancement of Science. The general response was "We have no fucking clue" what the main factor for the big drop in the '90's. Why do I find it interesting? The comments section. Comedy gold my friends. I'll share a few, but if you are looking to waste some time I recommend checking the thread out for yourself.
Exposure to maternal and/or paternal smoking in pregnancy and any associated offspring mental retardation and criminality began decreasing dramatically from the 1960s on. That time course could explain much of recent crime decreases in Canada and the US. Tobacco companies and their many Federal, other governmental, Republican, … allies have lots of money to confuse these issues.
New York City, Mayor Bloomberg, Dr. Frieden and allies have many smoking decreases and resultant benefits to be proud of.
What do you think the long range prognosis is if you take lead out of the environment. When you go out into the bay on a boat and look back at NYC, you see it engulfed in a cloud, which used to be leaded gasoline. Knowing the effects of lead on the brain and subsequently the higher concentrations in the city, what would you expect to happen if lead is removed: the politicians taking credit for the earth, stars and the moon

And the award for the only intentionally funny remark goes to...
Re: New York City crime reduction.

A contributing factor may be that NYC has become so expensive that muggers can’t afford to live there anymore.
Via Hit&Run.

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