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Friday, February 02, 2007

Smoking Versus Soot, Part II

My post yesterday on a recent study that found that common environmental pollutants parallel the harm caused by being a smoker, and blow away the risks of inhaling second-hand smoke, was challenged by an angry commenter who used some profanities to question my statements (I love the civility of Internet discourse!). It was my bad that I did not link to the data I quoted, as it was a subscription-only WSJ article, so here it is with an excerpt.
Previous studies had concluded the risk was much lower. That research found that soot was responsible for increasing deaths from heart disease and stroke in the most polluted cities by about 40% over the least polluted, such as Santa Fe and Honolulu. That impact is comparable to the relatively consistent inhalation of second-hand smoke that comes from living with a smoker.

In the new study, the approximate 150% increased risk is close to the impact of being an active smoker, said C. Arden Pope, a professor at Brigham Young University who played a big role in the two previous major U.S. soot studies but was not involved in the study published today.
So I did not make this up. Interestingly, only the WSJ reported this inconvenient truth while the NYT and Wa Post did not make mention of it. I repeat my challenge to smoking ban proponents everywhere to either stop using automobiles and seek a ban on them or admit that they just don't like the smell of smoke and the public health threat is just a way of banning what they don't like.

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