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Monday, February 19, 2007

Who is a Fan?

Not even David Frum at NRO likes the new "right-wing" counter to the Daily Show, offering us these lines.
"The 1/2 Hour News Hour" is not a right-of-center comedy show. It's more like some not very clever left-wing blogger's mean-spirited parody of a right-of-center comedy show: "These right-wingers are so clueless that they would think it funny that Barack Obama's initials are BO."
No doubt this show was never going to offer viewers anything of substance, and I only point out this short review because it gives credit to what I consider the best produced show on TV.
Happily, the show is also completely unnecessary There is already a conservative alternative on the air on Sunday nights: HBO's Rome - a series that has probably done more to stimulate classical studies than anything since Gibbon's decision to leave his dirtiest footnotes in the original Latin
I was into the classical studies way before it was hip, taking 7 years of Latin total, yet somehow never getting past the equivalent of a 300 level course in all those years. To be honest I only took the language for the trips to Italy. That and there was never a requirement to actually speak the language -- which makes cheating and passing a hell of lot easier. Check out the show if you have HBO, or purchase the first season on DVD.