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Monday, February 19, 2007

Wild Man Marion Barry Goes Nanny State

In a bizarre twist, infamous former DC mayor Marion "Bitch Set Me Up" Barry is using his council seat to further nanny-state policies against partying. Barry has introduced legislation to ban smoking in cars while children are present and also supports councilman Phil Graham's attempt to destroy DC nite life once and for all.

Washington Examiner today had an angry but largely spot-on right-wing op-ed piece on Barry's proposed car smoking ban.
Barry, who was famously videotaped smoking crack a few years ago, recently proposed making it a crime in the District to smoke a cigarette in a car if a child is present. Certainly children in the nation’s capital need an advocate; they are the worst off in the country — and largely because their parents inflict dire conditions upon them. But with so many children living in genuine danger, cigarette smoke sparks Barry’s outrage?...

While occasional exposure to secondhand smoke is unlikely to do any serious damage, a child deprived of an education is permanently crippled. So why are D.C. Council members fretting about the dangers of cigarette smoke when the city’s school system is the worst in the country?
I would rather see Barry take a council stance against income taxes, which he has not paid for years and could end up in jail soon for that.

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