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Friday, March 30, 2007


Tonight I'm feeling a little under the weather and ordering my hookers in; so I decided to take advantage of the night off and catch the Rudy/Judi interview on 20/20. I know, I know. Honestly though, I usually only watch a news magazine show if it involves a pedophile bust. Not because they're funny, but because I like to draw up a grid of where MSNBC has been in the last month or so. Remember what my advice on the Target security cameras? It's called doing your homework folks.

Anyways I was greeted first with a network orgy of a hit job. Big corporations and drugs. Jackpot for fear-mongering journalism. The story went like this: The proliferation of chain-store pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS that (heaven forbid) attempt to fill a lot of prescriptions for a lot of customers at a highly discounted price, are causing an "epidemic" (their words, not mine) of deaths and debilitating injuries due to their never-ending pursuit of the "bottom-line" (again their words, not mine). The chase of the evil profits leads them to hire teenage pharmacy assistants and over-worked pharmacist who make mistakes and cause children to become retarded. OK the last sentence is mostly my description. Still though, that's a fairly accurate summary from the 20 minute segment that I forced myself to watch because I felt like blogging on something.

A couple ill-informed, crazy libertarian thoughts. How many people are being saved from cheap drugs? How many people are being saved from a drug store on every corner? Aren't people still free to choose their local pharmacy where Tom, who sings in the church choir and has known their kids since they were in diapers, works? How many people are actually dropping dead from mistakes? If we introduced regulations that attempted to control how many hours pharmacist worked and who worked behind the counter, wouldn't we just be preventing the majority safe transactions from ever happening? Wouldn't any regulation be shouldered by the lower-income families more so than the middle-class and upper-class customers that could afford to shop elsewhere? Feel free to correct me where I'm wrong and add to what I may have missed. The whole segment left a nasty taste in my mouth.

As for Mr and Mrs Giuliani...Decent performance, though I'm not sure about Rudy's idea of inviting his wife in on future cabinet meetings. Last time we tried that we almost ended up with socialised health care.

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