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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Abstaining from Facebook, Beats Feeding Homeless People

The Baltimore Sun. Losing readership, firing reporters; the only major newspaper covering a city with record violence and abysmal public schools, yet still manages to find time to cover the important things. Newsworthy items like unbearable, cunty undergrads giving up Facebook for Lent. This is not a wire story, not even a column, but an actual news story involving a paid reporter. I won't take this opportunity to go on a rant against the Sun, because this story is light (I think and hope it is), well written and hilarious, but believe me when I say the Sun does a less than admirable job of covering Charm City.

Back to the story itself, where thank god, we are blessed enough to be able to listen to our aforementioned cunty co-eds go on about their sacrifice in way that makes you wish you had their addresses to pass along to Mike Tyson, or maybe a hippopotamus.
Some penitents are relying on will power alone, but others have let roommates change their passwords so they can no longer access their own accounts. A few have deleted their profiles.

"The second day, I almost went on," says Analiza Saraza, a 19-year-old international business major at Mount St. Mary's. "It was like, 'www.F-A-C ... .'" At the same time, she had to stop herself from checking Instant Messenger, which she also renounced this year.


"I think it's been like six days, but I can see it being quite difficult in the future," says Tommy Laughlin, a Loyola material engineering major who erased his whole profile.
My good-natured ribbing aside (I gave up mean-spiritness for Lent myself. The jokes and insults are only in good fun for the next 30 days folks.) I do cringe if this is what passes as religious piety in our society today; if you want to take your faith seriously, by all means do so. Sacrifice your time to perform community service; like walking sheltered dogs, or performing oral treats on that slightly weird, hairy introvert, that lives down the street from you and might also blog for a libertarian site in his spare time. But be serious, and then maybe I might take you and your faith serious too.

Full article here.

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