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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Another Senseless DC Liquor Law

I am coordinating the catering for a non-profit event and encountered yet another inane DC liquor law. Our group wants to host a dessert function with wine and beer. But that is not legal under DC law, which mandates that "savory foods" be served with any catered event that also serves liquor. The subtle regulatory distinction between a piece of cake and shrimp-on-a-stick defies my comprehension. Only a regulator could think of that and make a law around it.

This senseless regulation and so many others demonstrate the need for Leo's Law: that for every new law, we take another one off the books. There are so many dumb laws out there that you could swipe thousands off of the the DC list and no would notice. Sort of how you could fire thousand of regulators and no one would notice.

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