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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Baltimore to Ban Air Guns, Sticks and Stones to Follow

OK, I made that second part up. But the omnipresent City Council really is trying to ban all air rifles (I'm assuming handguns as well), which would include BB guns like every boy's favorite, the Red Ryder . From the Baltimore Sun:

Air rifles and BB guns would be prohibited in Baltimore under a proposed ordinance introduced in the City Council yesterday, a response to a series of robberies in which the weapons have been used, supporters said.

The legislation, which was referred to the council's public safety subcommittee, was proposed weeks after Baltimore outlawed the possession and discharge of paintball guns - except for on private property - and days after a federal court struck down portions of the District of Columbia's stringent gun law.

They're being used in a disruptive way, in a dangerous way," said the bill's lead sponsor, City Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke, who represents portions of Northeast Baltimore.

I'll gladly admit that I do not think a single gun restriction should be in place at the local, state or federal level. I think I remember writing some paper for some class, titled "More Guns, Less Crime." That being said, I think all of us can agree that this is stupid. They reference robberies -- being committed with air guns -- as well as some attacks. Aren't all those crimes illegal as it is? I'm pretty sure that those are still armed robbery and assault. Does it not also seem a bit silly to ban BB guns in a city with 52 murders already this year? Is it just a symbolic piece of feel good legislation? Shouldn't we despise that type of legislation more than any other? How many questions can I end a post with? Full article here.

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