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Friday, March 16, 2007

Basketball Blogging

I was waiting for Wisconsin to get into double-digits to make my first NCAA post of the day....It was quickly becoming apparent that it may not happen. Seriously, anything more disgusting then Big Ten basketball??

Looks like Winthrop is following through nicely on another popular upset, currently leading by 20 points. Anyone else seeing them taking Oregon in the round of 32? I would feel mildly confident.

I'm doing as well as good be expected for it being a Billy Packard Day...As well as could be expected...

My Sports Guy quote for the afternoon:
10:22: North Texas leads by five. Meanwhile, we just spent the last few minutes trying to figure out where else in life the possession arrow could work. JackO thinks they should use it in the Middle East. "The possession arrow for the Gaza Strip points to ... Israel!"

UPDATE: Notre Dame made it close, but Winthrop held them off, what a game. Treated to lines from Ian Eagle (play-by-play guy) like, "THAT'S a Man's JAM!!." I'll say it again, Winthrop looks like a scary team to face. Also, Wisconsin has made a run, (can you call going 6-0 a run? With a Big Ten team you can.) but they still only had 19 points at half-time. What a poop team.

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