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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bob Barr, Drug Warrior No Longer...I Guess

This would typically be one of those bigger drug stories that I wouldn't really touch on at TtP; if only because they get covered ad-nauseam on every other anti-prohibition site. Plus, you don't come here for intelligent commentary on the big issues of the day do you? God, I hope not. I just assumed everyone came here for offensive jokes about handicapped people, pedophilia and horse-fucking. Or maybe you don't. Eh, either way I don't care, that's why I blog here. And I'm the only person that matters.

To the point--Bob Barr has signed on with the Marijuana Policy Project and seems to have renounced his past and out-spoken support for restrictive drug policies. Some question his sincerity, but I'm with Radley Balko. Who cares? I don't get this need for ideological purity that finds it's way into libertarian circles as much as any other political group. Isn't it a good thing when someone who was originally against your policy recommendations, switches sides and begins lobbying for your ideas? Who gives a shit if he really means it, (although in this case I tend to believe Barr, what does he have to gain from a flip-flop?) if he is doing your bidding for you for opportunistic and political reasons, let him. We need all the help we can get.

David Weigal on Barr here, with some helpful links from past as well.

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