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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Brits Continue to Create Compelling Reality

Antonella Barba's A+ rack might be enough to make a TV show controversial on this side of the pond, but to really shock in England you've got to do something like this.
CHANNEL 4 is stepping into a religious minefield again by signing up a strict Muslim woman for its life- switch series Wife Swap.
And the mum — who wears a traditional hijab — will swap with a woman whose 16-year-old daughter is a LESBIAN. [Emphasis and caps not mine.]

The Muslim woman, her husband and three children live by strict Islamic law. They all pray five times a day and shun alcohol. She and an “arty” liberal mother will swap homes for two weeks, spending the first week living by the others’ rules.

In the second week they will introduce their own rules.

A show source said: “Yes, it sounds like a gimmick, but there is a serious point to this.["]
Right. Just like there'd be a serious point to a reality show in which Ann Coulter joined the Dixie Chicks.

But who cares? Shows like this one, or this one, make for gripping TV. Controversy for the sake of controversy? I'm on board.

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