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Monday, March 12, 2007

But You're Right, Banning Smoking in Bars is Perfectly Reasonable

SYDNEY, March 11 (UPI) -- An Australian court said a Sydney couple should stop smoking in their apartment if the smell upsets the neighbors.

The Sunday Telegraph reported that Chris May and Linda Crossan decided to move instead of abide by the city court's order.

Neighbors had complained that smoke seeped through the walls and under doors from the couple's apartment. They were ordered to refrain from allowing smoke to enter other apartments, even if it meant not smoking.

Anti-smoking activists said they will campaign for similar court judgements.
You can point out the history of tobacco and the accompanied bans, taxes and trade restrictions --complete with state coercion in the most violent and brutal way and yet people are somehow still able to look you straight in the face and tell you there is no slippery slope in our modern-day context of smoking bans. No doubt; we'll get it right this go 'round.

Full article here.

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