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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bye-Bye Beloved Light Bulb

The incandescent bulb, which emits a warm, natural and pleasing light, might soon be only a memory, as environmentalists seek to ban the beloved bulbs entirely. Their replacement would be fluorescent lights which, as you know, give one's home the atmospheric feel of a supermarket and make everyone look ugly.

The idea of banning the incandescent bulb has gained significant traction lately. Both the Australian and Canadian governments are seeking to ban the bulbs over the next few years. Now US producers of florescent lighting have joined up with environmentalists to force a ban in the US:
A coalition of industrialists, environmentalists and energy specialists is banding together to try to eliminate the incandescent light bulb in about 10 years.

In an agreement to be announced Wednesday, the coalition members, including Philips Lighting, the largest manufacturer; the Natural Resources Defense Council; and two efficiency organizations, are pledging to press for efficiency standards at the local, state and federal levels.
The article notes that only 9% of electricity is consumed by incandescent bulbs and therefore a switch to fluorescent would make only a tiny dent in overall energy consumption. Yet it would have a huge effect on people and the quality of their environs. Why not raise the cost of electricity and allow those who favor incandescent bulbs to pay more for using them? I personally would lose my mind if I had to live in a fluorescently-lit house and would start smuggling incandescents from China.

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