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Friday, March 16, 2007

Constitution: Older then the Dead Sea Scrolls and Written by Idiots

I will never tire of paraphrasing people completely out of context in post titles. Never gets old.

I'm not usually into taking on post from other bloggers. I'm more of a, "point out the post to readers" type of guy. But in this case I couldn't help myself. From the bottom half of a Matt Yglesias post:[emphasis mine]
Like much of the constitution, the second amendment turns out, upon examination, to be an ambiguously worded political compromise written hundreds and hundreds of years ago. Obviously, if you were going to start over from scratch nobody would write it that way.
I'm not missing his intented sarcasm, right? I mean Yglesias is a smart guy, I'm sure of it. He does, in fact, wear glasses and a beard -- no way you can be dumb with glasses and a beard -- I should know, I have both as of this very minute. Thern how does he manage to miss the obvious?

He's right of course, if we re-wrote the Constitution today, we certainly wouldn't be fortunate enough to come close to what we currently have. We agree on that point. If you left the job to whatever modern-day elitists that would do it; we would end up with a document that if anything, could not be describe as ambiguous. Rather it would be 750 pages long, with asterisks and citations, footnotes and exemptions. All the power would be vested with the state, because we trust them to take care of us and give/protect our rights. Hey, it's like trickle-down governing!

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