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Monday, March 26, 2007

Cops Gone Stupid

How do you scare residents in a largely rural county? You tell them things like this at a "gang forum":[emphasis mine]
"These guys are here. They're committing crimes here," Detective John Burroughs of the Charles County Sheriff's Office told the small gathering Thursday night, punctuating his remarks with photos and statistics projected in a computer slide presentation.


The Blood sets in Charles often wear red clothing. Burroughs said they are likely to follow what Bloods in Northeastern cities are doing: switch to brown or green clothing, especially articles linked to a sports team.

"If you see the Boston Celtics walking down the street, and you're pretty sure they're not actually the Boston Celtics," Burroughs said, "that might be a Blood set."
Or it might just be a young, black kid in a Celtics jersey. Fact is -- I think the odds are -- that it's just a young, non-violent kid wearing a basketball jersey. But call me crazy, the NBA probably doesn't sell too many Paul Pierce jerseys. Right? Full article here.

Disclaimer: I grew up 'round that area. Not too long ago either; and it wasn't much of a gang-wasteland then or now.

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