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Friday, March 09, 2007

Drug Policy Redux

The RSA just released a report (links to the full report and summaries are on the left hand side once you clicked through the link) on Britain's drug policy. Current effectiveness, areas for potential change, etc. It's about what you would expect out of one of these reports; very heavy on the public and social welfare scheme theme as the proper movement in drug policy. Subsidize the drug abusers to the point that you are provided housing, drugs, and the tools they need to continue the abuse. All provided by the tax-payers. Great way to reduce dependency. Don't worry, I won't go on about that topic; it has been discussed at length over the past few weeks in both TtP posts and the comments section and I really don't have anything new to add to the debate anyway.

However, I will note that I was thrilled to see this declaration that I'm pulling directly from the report via the Scotsman.
"The use of illegal drugs is by no means always harmful any more than alcohol use is always harmful. The evidence suggests that a majority of people who use drugs are able to use them without harming themselves or others."
Good to hear. Now back to the bad stuff in the report. I'm reminded of that old adage of replacing one addiction with another...
The two-year RSA Commission on Illegal Drugs argued that Britain's drug laws should be replaced by a system which recognises that drinking and smoking can cause more harm.


The harm caused by substances, including alcohol and tobacco, rather than outdated classifications should be at the heart of future drugs laws.
It's never ending. One step forward, two steps back.

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