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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Easy There Guys

Hey you sinister, pro-pot lobby groups, let's not lose sight of what St. Patrick's Day is all about.
BOULDER — If everyone getting drunk on St. Patrick’s Day would smoke marijuana instead, the car crashes, fist fights and sexual assaults would plummet, pro-marijuana advocates said today.


"I’ll come back to the dorm about 1 a.m. and there will be people screaming in the hallways, writing rude things on the wall, verbally abusing and sexually abusing other people," University of Colorado sophomore Summer Weirich said, describing a typical scene when people have been drinking. "Guys try to wander in your room and see what you’re doing, see if they can hook up."
She makes a good point there. However, wandering into rooms and asking if the occupant(s) want to bone is my go-to move. Drunk or sober, doesn't matter.

If I was just talking to Summer one-on-one, I would first ask her if she really meant this, or if she is was just making the usual, larger point in regard to the hypocrisy of how we deal with drugs as opposed to alcohol. Then, I would take off my pants. I would end our "discussion" by advising her to blame the idiot who comes into her room, for coming into her room uninvited. Not the booze they consumed that night.

I speak from experience; you won't see me blaming the pot when my roommates catch me rubbing-one-out to horse/girl action. I'm also usually dead sober...So maybe that analogy doesn't work too well...But, it did give me excuse to use the bestiality tag one more time. Bestiality!

Full article here.

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