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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Freedom of Assembly? Pshaw...

Example number.....Well I've lost track of how many examples why I don't believe in any rights that you don't claim for yourself as a right. The Constitution is nice and all...but it would be even better if we actually abided by it as a country. From the Examiner: [emphasis mine: what group wouldn't fall under those specifications?]
This bill “allows prosecution of gangs as a unit,” said Attorney General Doug Gansler, who would gain additional authority to prosecute gangs operating across county lines. Gansler denied that the bill infringed on freedom of association.

The bill prohibits a person from participating in a criminal gang knowing that the other members engage in crime, and willfully promoting or assisting in the commission of a long list of violent crimes. To be a gang, it must have some kind of identifying sign, symbol, name, leader or purpose.
Funny. I wasn't aware they (Baltimore cops at least) needed more reasons to arrest people. They do a pretty good job as of now arresting 1 out of every 6 city residents. Especially those darn dark people. Full article here. Via Baltimore Crime.

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