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Monday, March 19, 2007

Fundamentalists Ponder the Morals of Aborting Gay Fetuses

A leading Southern Baptist reverend has caused a stir by a writing a blog post with the title: "Is Your Baby Gay? What if You Could Know? What if You Could Do Something About It?" While the prospect of homosexuality going the way of Down's Syndrome is horrifying, there are good aspects of this fundamentalist navel gazing.

First, fundamentalists hate gays so much that they might drop their obsessive crusade to ban abortion so that they could abort their gay fetuses.

Second, by contemplating that homosexuality is genetically predetermined and not a lifestyle choice, Reverend Mohler essentially makes a case for gay rights.

The fundies are up in arms over these two points. One commented,
"this is such a delicate and risky conversation to have for a number or reasons . . . We're going to have to be extremely prayerful and careful about making any decision to tinker with a child's genetic or biochemical construction. We may be awfully close to violating the sanctity of that child's life and their integrity as a person."
Another warned,
"What he said lends credence to the fact that it's God's creation. His brothers in faith would be more surprised than liberals with his comments."
To view Mohler's blog, which also has a great post decrying the fact that America now has a Congressman who is "an admitted atheist," go here.

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