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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Good for the Post, I was Getting Tired of Hard News

And you thought Spring Break coverage was for college papers, or local central Florida TV news. Here comes the Post...Spring Break!!!!! WOOO!!! Front page story, with links galore to video, pics and stories involving the "branding" of Spring Break by corporations.

I would love to be in the room for that pitch by the reporter. "See, I wanna go down to Panama Beach, during Spring Break. Where lots of half-naked co-eds are. For like a week. And the weather is amazing. And I would get really immersed in the culture of it all. See what makes it tick and the role these multi-national corporations play in brain-washing the future of our nation." Post editor--"Seems like a fair enough idea" [opens up the safe that all Post editors have in their office, hands the reporter $10,000] Have fun. "

My unnecessary outrage for the day, thanks for being part of it.

[As of 2:26 PM they still had this up on the front-page.]

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