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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

H-Burg Smoking Ban Doesn't Apply to Cops, Mayor

From the some animals are more equal than others file:
A city smoking ban in Harrisburg has been ordered rescinded -- because police objected.

In respones to a grievance by the city police union, state Labor Relations Board Hearing Examiner Donald Wallace has ordered that the city cease enforcing the ban and the ordinance be rescinded -- at least as it applies to police.

Wallace ruled that enforcing the ban on smoking in city-owned buildings, vehicles and work spaces would have been a unilateral change in working conditions for the unionized police officers.

The ruling means Mayor Stephen Reed can continue smoking at his desk and in his city-furnished car, a privilege enjoyed by many members of Reed's staff, and many other city employees including police officers, whose work space is separate from public areas.
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[Note: I have no idea if Harrisonburg Harrisburg is really known as "H-Burg".]