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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Harold Ford Jr: Idea Man

Inspirational words of hope from the new DLC Chairman Harold Ford Jr. :
"Today we face a host of challenges," Ford said. "And thanks to this administration, we face a political climate in Washington that believes the purpose of politics is to grab and gain and accumulate power, rather than to help Americans do better....
Wait..isn't that the definition of politics? Cause I'm pretty sure it is actually. For all I know, Bush might be the devil incarnate; but I don't think he can take credit for inventing the role of the egotistical, power-hungry politician. Ford doesn't have to look much further than his own family to see that.
Ford laid out his plan to make the country more secure, to guarantee college education in exchange for public service, to make the government accountable and to end poverty for all who work.
Great. Jesus Christ. Let's make college cheaper and give everyone making under $22,000/yr another $10,000 for bread and meat. Can we take away their cellphones and flat-screen TVs first?
"We must not forget what sets America apart as the greatest experiment in human history," he said. "All of us have the same dreams, and every one of us should have the chance to reach them."
Does Harry know my dreams? I doubt it. I really hope not. Because my dreams involve buckets of cum and elephants. And Scarlett Johansson. And perhaps a bowel movement or two. I really can't say any more. They might be watching.

Silly me, I thought the Constitution, freedom and an environment that encouraged entrepreneurship had something to do with America's success. I guess I'll have to go back to the history books.

Full article here. Via The Corner.

UPDATE: This post is playing hide-and-seek as I experience some blogger induced technical problems. Has anyone else had issues with the "Post time and date"?

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