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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

If I Was a Transexual Like Ann Coulter I Probably Wouldn't Call Other People Faggot

OK. I've been sick since last Wednesday. For days I could barely talk. I don't say this to get sympathy. I say it in case there are any hot women out there with sick guy fetishes. You can take care of me all night long. Well, not all night long. Just until my Theraflu kicks in, then I have to take a nap. Anyways, I've been in a Theraflu-Percocet-induced psychosis the past couple of days and missed the controversy around Ann Coulter's use of what I guess I'm now supposed to refer to as the F-word used to insult gays. Baylen has a good wrap-up of the fall-out below. For my part, I got caught up by reading Howard Kurtz's latest column in the Washington Post, The Long Fuse on Ann Coulter's Bomb. It's quite good.

My only complaint is that Kurtz never actually uses the word that Ann Coulter used to describe John Edwards - "faggot". Instead he refers to it as "an anti-gay crack" (wrong, it was an anti-Edwards crack), "a six-letter word offensive to gays" and "[expletive]" (uh, OK now I really know what you're talking about). Seriously, in a 1,000 word column he doesn't once tell his audience what Ann Coulter actually said. Why? Is he afraid he'll get hate mail from gays offended that he put the word faggot in writing? What a pussy. Or has the word faggot really become the new N-word, something so inherently offensive that it's completely banned from being used under any circumstance, including to relay a story about someones use of the word. If so, this gets at exactly what Coulter was expressing concern about, the rise of a gay rights fascism that seeks to make any criticism of the gay lifestyle a civil rights violation that should be punished by ostracism and censorship if not actual legal action. Given how quick "Grey's Anatomy" star Isaiah Washington was forced to undergo "treatment" for using the word faggot there's an element of truth in Coulter's statement that it has now become dangerously politically incorrect to call John Edwards a faggot. And that's a shame. Because Edwards is a faggot. I mean he sucks balls. Not literally. But he is a Marxist douche bag. Which is what Coulter should have called him instead of faggot a word that some people are offended by.

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