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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Let's Run the ANC's Out of Town

The Logan Circle advisory neighborhood commission ("ANC") is forcing the P St. Whole Foods to stop selling beer in single bottles, according to today's Northwest Current (no online version available.) The article states that the ANC
associates single sales of beer, malt liquor and ale with, "public drunkenness, littering and public urination." The restrictions aim to "stop behaviors the community doesn't want."
I associate the ANC with things that I don't want, like to live in a Nanny State. I buy beer singles all the time, to try new beers and splurge on beers that are unaffordable by the six-pack. I have never urinated in public in Logan Circle, at least that I can recall, but I think I am going to get smashed and take a pisser on ANC commission head Charles Reed's stoop this weekend after drinking a 40. Anyone want to join me?

Beer singles have already been banned in Ward 4 by prior rep Adrian Fenty.

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