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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Libertarian Black Wednesday: The Day's News Recap

After reading today's posts I have concluded that this day has been a dark day for liberty, our own libertarian Black Wednesday. Jeezooks, the cumulative effect is astounding.

A recap of today's news: England is fulfilling Orwell's dystopian prophecy, a dying woman who has a brain tumor and chronic nausea has to stop consuming the marijuana that eases her symptoms or be prosecuted, while fear of mass public urination means that we can no longer drink beer singles in our soon-to-be fluorescently-lit homes.

I hereby submit an observation: every day, we become less free. That is because each day legislators and regulators submit and pass new rules that control us more. Call this Leo's Law. I also hereby submit a libertarian proposal: that we demand that for each new law, one on the books be eliminated. That would make the government look much harder at what they impose and would keep us from becoming automatons innoculated at birth against "anti-social" behavior who wear helmets as we walk down the street.

We also need to address the current opinion vogue of "I like/don't like it, so let's ban it." One of the commenters on my bulb post noted that he likes fluorescent lights so he looks forward the banning of incandescents. Maybe that comment was in jest, but concept of favoring laws that mirror one's preference and also reduce individual choice and liberty ought to be screamed about. This is the sentiment that has led to so many smoking bans, as most people don't smoke and don't like it.

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