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Monday, March 19, 2007

Little Behind the Curve

When you spend as much time as I do watching pornography; it can be tough to keep up on television, movies, books, eating, etc. My point -- I just now caught Blog Wars on Sundance, and to be honest I only caught the last 30 minutes. That was enough. Michelle Malkin, Jane Hampshire (of firedoglake) and some more annoying self-important, partisan bloggers. Covers the Connecticut primary and the impact of leftist bloggers in handing Lieberman a defeat in the primary. Quite a victory...Uh.wait..How did that general election work out for Lamont?

What I learned:

  • Ned has a hot underage legal daughter

  • Ned has a hot wife

  • I want to cuddle with Ned's underage son(kind of a lie, I discovered this from his website not the movie...Can I get away with this joke? You take a look at him and decide.)

  • Chris Matthews knows what a blog is

  • There are people socially and mentally retarded enough to describe their blogging as "....a fleet heading towards the death star"

  • This came on after Blog Wars and is much better

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