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Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Marlo Deliverymen Tragedy

I have been out of town for a couple of weeks and since no one has posted on this here I go. Two Marlo furniture deliverymen were shot by an employee of DHS in his home on January 24th while they were making a delivery. One of the deliverymen died and the other was seriously wounded. I saw the network news the night that it happened, and the PG police spokeswoman said with shameless certainty that the movers had threatened the shooter and it was a clear case of self-defense and that the deliverymen (they were both still alive) would be charged with assault. The minute I heard that I thought it was total protect-police-at-all-costs bullshit, as why would furniture movers endanger their lives? They were just trying to get the bed into the house, for crissake.

The PG County police have since backpedaled a bit.
Police initially said, based on statements from Washington and a family member, that Washington acted in self-defense and that the deliverymen would probably be charged with assault. Police have since said they would draw no conclusions until their investigative work is complete.
The police officer's explanation for shooting them is that Clark and White, 36, of the District, were in a part of the house they were not supposed to be in.
To me, this looks like another case of extreme and unwarranted police force against unarmed civilians, with the law coming down on the side of the police. For more on that subject, see the case of a sports bettor, Salvatore Culosi, who was gunned down, unarmed, by a SWAT team outside of his Fairfax house. The cop who killed him received a punishment of three weeks without pay and a transfer out of the SWAT team.

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