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Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday Morning Drug Links

From this weekend's papers:

Maryland State Delegates reject a proposal to allow parole for non-violent drug offenders that currently carry a mandatory minimum sentence. Says Del Anthony O'Donnell (R-Calvert):
Constituents “are not knocking on our door to give more lenient treatment” to drug dealers,[...]The bill “makes it easier to destroy our society.”
Apparently Del O'Donnell hasn't taken a weekend trip into Baltimore...

Democracy has no place in Missoula County, Missouri, as a marijuana decriminalization initiative passes, then is gutted by the 3 person county council. Reason given? A "gut feeling" that the voters did not know what they really wanted. Democracy averted, problem solved!

Finally, I leave you with yet another "Watch out until 2010, when the whole of the UK has gone insane from pot" story.Only 3 years left until we get our own personal viewing of Dawn of the Dead. Hazzah!!

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