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Friday, March 09, 2007

More on Below Post

I did my best to ignore that blinking red light on my office phone and forced myself to actually dig into the report a little bit. I owe a slight mea-cupla for my quick, doom and gloom reactions to the bullet points of the report. Slight though; because I'm still holding to my overall negative reaction to the approach they advocate. However, when you actually read the report in it does seem fairly sensible. You could read the post below and get the sense that I wouldn't be for handling illegal drugs in the same fashion we do with alcohol and tobacco. That's incorrect. I'd love for that to happen. What I don't want to see happen (and it's entirely possible to read the report in this way) is where we shift the focus of drug policy from one group of substances to another, or, move a group of drugs that we can use with relatively little state interference into a more regulated model. Hence the one step forward two steps backward.

I naturally get worried when public health zealots are leading the charge for any kind of change. Can't fault me for that. I'm throwing a link (click the first link on the page) to the PDF of the summary which serves as a good primer for the report. If you get a chance check them both out.

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