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Thursday, March 15, 2007

NCAA Round-Up

Greatest week of the year. Beats out opening week of World Cup only because it carries St. Patrick's Day with it.

We have Maryland winning in what might have been the best first round game so far. Duke loses to VCU in what had to be the most obvious upset to anyone who has seen Duke play more than 2 games this year. Currently Eastern Kentucky is on a 30 point rampage to bring their 1 to 16 match-up against UNC to within 6; in what may cause my two Chapel Hill alumni roomates to pull a Richard Jeni. Let's not forget Xavier and BYU taking it to the wire, currently with no winner, making a go at the Maryland Davidson best-opening-round game so far title.[ed-Xaiver just pulled it out]

Check out Bill Simmons live-blogging the tournament, see this updated bracket, and enjoy your beer and basketball.

UPDATE: OK, so I got a little ahead of myself with the UNC game. Sorry, I was imagining a house to myself for the weekend. I also need to encourage you readers to check out the Sports Guy live-blogging this thing, so I'll leave you with a sample.
10:58: Best exchange of the day …

Wenzel (after a controversial travelling call in the Maryland game): "Instantaneous decisions are a lot harder than ones you can see on replay."

JackO: "… and that's why I've been married three times."

House: "… and that's why I drive a PT Cruiser."

JackO: "… and that's why I woke up this morning next to a 240-pound woman."

(Note: This went on for the next three minutes.)
It gets better.

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