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Monday, March 19, 2007

New Haven Police and the 'Estupido' Caper

You thought your small-to-medium-sized city had problems... Unless you live in Cicero -- the city, not the blogger -- your backwater likely can't compete with
a whirlwind week's worth of controversy involving allegedly corrupt cops, an FBI sting, the mayor's responsibility, discontent with City Hall in the black community, and whether or not the head of the state NAACP used the scandal to pressure the mayor for money for his organization.
Man, that is some week!

The FBI sting found city drug cops, including Billy White, head of the police department's narcotics unit, on the wrong side of the law in what's aptly being called (thanks to White) The "Estupido" Caper. The whole thing's worth a read, but this bit is especially entertaining [emphasis mine, brackets not]:
"When back in the [undercover agent's] car, White emptied the bag, White wrote 'estupido' on the money-bag, and White had the [informant] do the same. After concerns about whether his face could be seen, White put the empty bag back in the trunk." Earlier, White had "made several phone calls to figure out how to spell 'estupido.'"
Check out more at the online-only New Haven Independent.

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